2nd November 2019

Hello all and I hope wherever you are it’s not pouring with rain and very windy, as it is here, and that you haven’t got magpies who seem to think that the sealant on your conservatory roof is a tasty treat!

I have been a volunteer on a committee setting up an exhibition at the Tamar Valley Centre. The theme is ‘Ancient Land’ so am going to enter two Dartmoor paintings and see how it goes

I hope your Christmas preparations are better than mine as I haven’t bought a card or a present yet so will have to get a move on soon

No paintings to put on at the moment as some are ‘in progress’

Will post again soon


28th September 2019

Hello from Cornwall where it’s pouring with rain and I can only just see the river Tamar which looks very grey and uninviting

Many apologies for being absent from the diary, and indeed from painting, for so long. The cataract op was very successful but my vision was very blue for quite a long time which made painting a bit hit and miss colourwise but all is back to normal now

Apologies to the person who has emailed me but unfortunately am unable to understand the language and have no means of having it translated

Went on an interesting geology trip last Thursday to Mitnor caves. I need to do a bit more reading up but when they were discovered one of the caves contained animal bones. Bear, elephant and hippopotamus and others which are now in the natural history museum

No paintings to put on the gallery but Drawn to the Valley have an exhibition coming up the subject being  Ancient Land which is an interesting subject to tackle

Will post again towards the end of October



5th Feruary 2019

Good morning from a wet and windy Cornwall where hopes of a day out walking with a friend are fading fast!

This is going to be a fairly short post as I do not have much news to share with you

I have had some emails via my website asking if I have blocked some peoples  access to the website and I can assure you that I have not. Some comments may have been inadvertently deleted as, at that time, I was getting about 60 spam emails per day which is why the ability to post comments has been removed

I have had a cataract operation so have not been able to paint as colour is a bit strnge at the moment. I believe when Monet had cataracts he continued to paint and his work at that time has a brown/yellow tinge due to his eye problem but were still amazing paintings.I am not quite up to that standard!

Hope to have more news next month



23rd November 2019

Hello from a wet and windy Cornwall and hope all is well in your part of the world

It’s been a fairly quiet month except that I suddenly realised how close Christmas was getting and went into panic mode! Have finally bought some cards and a few presents but it will take a few more trips to Plymouth to get it done. Black Friday today in quite a lot of Plymouth stores with big reductions but can’t face the crowds

Have just been getting on with a painting that I think I mentioned before of the river running through the Hessenford valley which is progressing slowly as too many other demands on my time currently.  However, as I have a lot of finished canvases which I haven’t even tried to sell yet there’s no rush!

I did go to Boscastle, which was badly flooded a few years ago, on a geology trip which was an interesting day.  There was a lot of quarrying done there for slate in the past which involved the workmen being lowered down  in a basket on a rope and knocking the slate out of the cliffs. After the basket was filled a donkey was used to pull the men and the slate up, which must have been quite a weight for it to cope with, and then the whole process was repeated throughout the day. Exhausting work I would imagine especially as they would have had to walk into work from wherever they lived and then home again at the end of the day

I hope to post again before Christmas


16th October 2018

Hello from a grey Cornwall although it’s still looking good!

Sorry but the comments have now been turned off due to all the spam that kept arriving

Have been down to St Ives for a short 4 day walking holiday wich we all enjoyed despite the gales and rain and got some walks despite it. It is a beautiful area but had to keep away from the coast path for a couple of days as was unsafe with the mud and the potential for branches coming off the trees

Artwise there’s a painting partly finished. There is a beach called Seaton and you can wak from there up a valley to Hessenford village. The valley is lovely and a great favourite in the hot weather. A river runs through it and at one point there is a bridge across and that is what I am having a go at. If all goes well it should appear in the gallery in one or two weeks

Will post again at the beginning of November when I may have more to tell you



14th October 2018

Hello from, at the moment, sunny Cornwall

I’m sorry but there will be no diary for a while as there has been a constant bombardment of spam and other unwelcome messages so will be online again when I can sort it out


1st September 2018

Hello from sunny Cornwall. It is a beautiful evening and I can see the River Tamar from here which is looking lovely. There is a railway bridge in the distance at the mouth of the River Tavy and several moored boats on my side 0f the river with some really clear reflections so all very calm and pictureque

Not a lot to tell you really as I have not been doing anything very interesting although I did go on a geology day to Paignton on thurday with eight others from Saltash and around

The Tavistock exhibition went well and was good to see other artist’s work. Am still looking at selling on Artfinder although it is quite a lot to get to grips with but am getting there

Some lovely old walls in the older part of the town with some interesting fossils in them plus more interesting finds on the beach and the rocks followed by a cream tea and a cornish ice cream. Not very healthy I know but very nice!

Enjoy the rest of the summer and will post again at the end of the month

30th July 2018

Good evening all and I expect you are reeling from the shock of having another post done before the end of the month!

Well, I returned from the Isle of Arran on Friday having had a wonderful time there. Excellent geology with a very experienced geologist who has the Lochranza Centre where we stayed and took us out every day on field trips to get to grips with the geology of this beautiful island. As well as the stunning coastline and the wall to wall sunshine there were deer, red quirrels, seals and, although I did not unfortunately see one, sea otters

As if that wasn’t enough there were fossilised tracks of a giant centipede and dinosaur tracks! Each to their own but for me that beats lying on a sunbed in the med

I have taken five paintings to Tavistock this morning to put in a Drawn to the Valley exhibition plus some prints and cards so will see how that goes and need to get some sketching done and get some more paintings going

Cornwall is very busy at the moment as the schools have broken up and we have lots of holiday makers here so hope the weather is not too unkind to them

Not much art chat I’m afraid. Will let you know next time what I have been working on

Enjoy the rest of the summer

2nd July 2018

Hello from a boiling hot Cornwall! I expect by now you will  have probably wondered if I am still alive!

I’m pleased to say that I am although I was not well earlier in the year and it took some time to get any energy back so, once again, apologies for the absence of any diary posts. Will try to do better!

I have had a some very encouraging comments so thank you for that. Some of you asked for advice re blogging and I can honestly say that I have no expertise at all. I just share what’s going on. It started with just a bit of chat about what I was painting and seems to have now strayed onto geology which I very much enjoy although am no expert

Regarding geology I am off to Arran later in the year on a geology trip which I am very much looking forward to. I’ve always had a fancy to visit some of the Scottish Isles and so will let you know how it goes

I am about to put another painting on the gallery. It’s a winter afternoon at Downderry beach which I love because the light is lovely there and am sure I will have mentioned that before! The sun was sparkling on the sea and it’s difficult to paint without being too detailed which can overwork it so see what you think

Am getting some paintings together plus prints and cards for a Drawn to the Valley exhibition at Tavistock in August so will be good to catch up with other members of the group and see how their work is going

Hope to be with you again at the end of the month

Apparently have tosign upto something new before I can update my gallery so will look into it and update asap


3rd February 2018


Hello to you all from a wet, grey Cornwall but the snow and ice have gone which is a bonus. My house faces north and looks across the River Tamar so, as you can imagine, is very cold so the heating has been blasting away for the past two or three weeks

Since my last post I have completed the two paintings that were in progress and will put them on the gallery when I have finished entering this update. One is pretty large 100 x 100 cm and the other 60 x 60 cm. I really must get myself in gear and get selling. I do sell at Drawn to the Valley exhibitions but that’s only once a year so canvases are beginning to take over my house!

Geologywise went to a talk with the Caradon Geology Group (CAGG) on ‘how to build a mountain’ mainly regarding tectonic plate activity. Apparently there is no absolute measurement to say when a hill becomes a mountain but if anyone knows different let me know This was followed up by a field trip to Bude which has some very interesting folds and faults in the rocks. It was COLD. Needed coffee as well as my thermals plus two other layers but a good day

Keep safe andwarm if you are still snowbound!