3rd February 2018


Hello to you all from a wet, grey Cornwall but the snow and ice have gone which is a bonus. My house faces north and looks across the River Tamar so, as you can imagine, is very cold so the heating has been blasting away for the past two or three weeks

Since my last post I have completed the two paintings that were in progress and will put them on the gallery when I have finished entering this update. One is pretty large 100 x 100 cm and the other 60 x 60 cm. I really must get myself in gear and get selling. I do sell at Drawn to the Valley exhibitions but that’s only once a year so canvases are beginning to take over my house!

Geologywise went to a talk with the Caradon Geology Group (CAGG) on ‘how to build a mountain’ mainly regarding tectonic plate activity. Apparently there is no absolute measurement to say when a hill becomes a mountain but if anyone knows different let me know This was followed up by a field trip to Bude which has some very interesting folds and faults in the rocks. It was COLD. Needed coffee as well as my thermals plus two other layers but a good day

Keep safe andwarm if you are still snowbound!







2 comments to 3rd February 2018

  • Paramount Chief

    Well, you’ve done it again. “The sun breaks over…..” is truly lovely and you show the water, the shore, everything beautifully and the image is so realistic yet the picture is well composed in its setting. I’m a water man so loved the waves. I so enjoy seeing your paintings and reading of your activities.

    A hill is what you get in England, a mountain is what you get in Scotland!
    The pre-Cambrian rocks of the West Coast are truly magnificent.
    Went to Oxford last night to see Tosca and came across no snow, ice or much evidence of it but was concerned to see the red warning for your neck of the woods. Off to France next week and hopefully a trip to Cornwall before too long.
    Keep painting and having fun.