30th July 2018

Good evening all and I expect you are reeling from the shock of having another post done before the end of the month!

Well, I returned from the Isle of Arran on Friday having had a wonderful time there. Excellent geology with a very experienced geologist who has the Lochranza Centre where we stayed and took us out every day on field trips to get to grips with the geology of this beautiful island. As well as the stunning coastline and the wall to wall sunshine there were deer, red quirrels, seals and, although I did not unfortunately see one, sea otters

As if that wasn’t enough there were fossilised tracks of a giant centipede and dinosaur tracks! Each to their own but for me that beats lying on a sunbed in the med

I have taken five paintings to Tavistock this morning to put in a Drawn to the Valley exhibition plus some prints and cards so will see how that goes and need to get some sketching done and get some more paintings going

Cornwall is very busy at the moment as the schools have broken up and we have lots of holiday makers here so hope the weather is not too unkind to them

Not much art chat I’m afraid. Will let you know next time what I have been working on

Enjoy the rest of the summer

1 comment to 30th July 2018

  • Paramount Chief

    Jenny, your recent addition to the gallery is truly outstanding. Your seascapes, the water, sky, shore, rocks, atmosphere – everything are woderful. I hope your recent exhibition at Tavistock proved to be successful and that you will continue to keep up the painting for truly you have a real talent.

    Glad your Arran trip was a success. I acquired a bit of absidian and some mica recently having seen a TV programme from South America about it some time ago. Geology is a fascinating subject, but even more I enjoy looking at your paintings and reminiscing.