2nd July 2018

Hello from a boiling hot Cornwall! I expect by now you will  have probably wondered if I am still alive!

I’m pleased to say that I am although I was not well earlier in the year and it took some time to get any energy back so, once again, apologies for the absence of any diary posts. Will try to do better!

I have had a some very encouraging comments so thank you for that. Some of you asked for advice re blogging and I can honestly say that I have no expertise at all. I just share what’s going on. It started with just a bit of chat about what I was painting and seems to have now strayed onto geology which I very much enjoy although am no expert

Regarding geology I am off to Arran later in the year on a geology trip which I am very much looking forward to. I’ve always had a fancy to visit some of the Scottish Isles and so will let you know how it goes

I am about to put another painting on the gallery. It’s a winter afternoon at Downderry beach which I love because the light is lovely there and am sure I will have mentioned that before! The sun was sparkling on the sea and it’s difficult to paint without being too detailed which can overwork it so see what you think

Am getting some paintings together plus prints and cards for a Drawn to the Valley exhibition at Tavistock in August so will be good to catch up with other members of the group and see how their work is going

Hope to be with you again at the end of the month

Apparently have tosign upto something new before I can update my gallery so will look into it and update asap


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