28th September 2019

Hello from Cornwall where it’s pouring with rain and I can only just see the river Tamar which looks very grey and uninviting

Many apologies for being absent from the diary, and indeed from painting, for so long. The cataract op was very successful but my vision was very blue for quite a long time which made painting a bit hit and miss colourwise but all is back to normal now

Apologies to the person who has emailed me but unfortunately am unable to understand the language and have no means of having it translated

Went on an interesting geology trip last Thursday to Mitnor caves. I need to do a bit more reading up but when they were discovered one of the caves contained animal bones. Bear, elephant and hippopotamus and others which are now in the natural history museum

No paintings to put on the gallery but Drawn to the Valley have an exhibition coming up the subject beingĀ  Ancient Land which is an interesting subject to tackle

Will post again towards the end of October



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