23rd November 2019

Hello from a wet and windy Cornwall and hope all is well in your part of the world

It’s been a fairly quiet month except that I suddenly realised how close Christmas was getting and went into panic mode! Have finally bought some cards and a few presents but it will take a few more trips to Plymouth to get it done. Black Friday today in quite a lot of Plymouth stores with big reductions but can’t face the crowds

Have just been getting on with a painting that I think I mentioned before of the river running through the Hessenford valley which is progressing slowly as too many other demands on my time currently.  However, as I have a lot of finished canvases which I haven’t even tried to sell yet there’s no rush!

I did go to Boscastle, which was badly flooded a few years ago, on a geology trip which was an interesting day.  There was a lot of quarrying done there for slate in the past which involved the workmen being lowered down  in a basket on a rope and knocking the slate out of the cliffs. After the basket was filled a donkey was used to pull the men and the slate up, which must have been quite a weight for it to cope with, and then the whole process was repeated throughout the day. Exhausting work I would imagine especially as they would have had to walk into work from wherever they lived and then home again at the end of the day

I hope to post again before Christmas


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