16th October 2018

Hello from a grey Cornwall although it’s still looking good!

Sorry but the comments have now been turned off due to all the spam that kept arriving

Have been down to St Ives for a short 4 day walking holiday wich we all enjoyed despite the gales and rain and got some walks despite it. It is a beautiful area but had to keep away from the coast path for a couple of days as was unsafe with the mud and the potential for branches coming off the trees

Artwise there’s a painting partly finished. There is a beach called Seaton and you can wak from there up a valley to Hessenford village. The valley is lovely and a great favourite in the hot weather. A river runs through it and at one point there is a bridge across and that is what I am having a go at. If all goes well it should appear in the gallery in one or two weeks

Will post again at the beginning of November when I may have more to tell you



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